True luxury takes a planet first approach and we are committed to sustainable solutions, having responsible processes and using innovative materials that better protect our planet.


We replicated the natural conditions under which diamonds are formed in a laboratory by using extreme pressure and heat inside a machine, speeding up the million-year process with science to create diamonds that are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined ones but without the adverse effects on the environment or dangerous conditions and negative impact. HauteCarat diamonds are 100% real, certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI), sustainably sourced, conflict-free, and available in the same shapes, carat weights, colors, and clarity grades that you would find at a traditional jeweler, yet priced at 20 to 40% less as we have no middleman markups.


All HauteCarat jewelry is handmade and consciously crafted locally, using brilliant lab created diamonds paired with recycled 14k or 18k gold. Our artisans are industry veterans with more than 20 years’ experience allowing each product to shine with the highest attention to detail.


All HauteCarat products come in packaging that is 100% eco-friendly, making it easier for you to dispose of the packaging responsibly.