Lab Diamonds are real, not fake diamonds. That means they’re created by chemical synthesis, and the output is identical to a mined diamond.

So what’s different?

ORIGIN: Lab diamonds come from above the ground, mined diamonds below.

CREATION TIME: Thanks to science, lab diamonds take just months to grow, while natural diamonds take millions of years. Simply put, we use science to speed up the process of diamond formation.

COST: Their creation makes lab diamonds cost-efficient and easier on your budget. A HauteCarat diamond costs anywhere from 20 to 40 percent less than a natural stone.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Created in labs rather than dangerous mines, HauteCarat diamonds are safe and conflict-free. Unlike mined diamonds, lab diamonds have no adverse effects on the Earth and—bonus—because they’re grown in a controlled environment, they don’t have as many imperfections as you’d find in mined stones.

More importantly, what’s the same?

Mined and lab diamonds are identical in the following ways:

OPTICAL: Their sparkle is indistinguishable.

PHYSICAL: Their shape is the same.

CHEMICAL: Both are comprised of 100 percent carbon.

CREATION: Lab diamonds are created under the exact same conditions as mined = diamonds, when carbon is exposed to intense heat and pressure. The only difference is that LAB diamonds are grown in a chamber in months, speeding up the million-year underground process of natural diamond creation.

What’s the difference between synthetic and simulated diamonds?

The short answer? Everything. LAB DIAMONDS are absolutely real, whereas simulated diamonds—think cubic zirconia, clear quartz and moissanite—are fakes. HauteCarat diamonds are never fake.

More reasons to love lab diamonds

Here are the stone-cold #facts.

What’s the resale value of a lab diamond?

Pop quiz: Do diamonds appreciate in value over time? False. Say you buy a mined diamond today and pay $6,000 for it. Take it back to the same jeweler next year (hey, things change), and you’ll pocket about 40-50% less than you paid. Reverse and repeat for lab diamonds, and you’d get a twinning result.

Are lab diamonds the real deal?

Yes and yes. All lab diamonds above .50 carats are certified and graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemologist Institute). GIA or IGI lab diamonds are graded on the same 4 Cs as mined diamonds. Like a very sparkly fingerprint, all lab diamonds have 100% unique characteristics, just like mined diamonds. No two diamonds are alike!

Can I insure a lab diamond?

You better believe it. All you need is a gemologist-prepared appraisal and certificate from GIA or IGI for the diamond you’re lusting after. Bonus: We can provide the GIA appraisal free of charge.

Why are lab-grown diamonds more fab than mined diamonds?

For starters, they’re kind to people and the planet. We use nature as our inspo, then take it up a notch to grow a real rock from a natural seed in a U.S. lab. Check this:

NO NEGATIVE SOCIAL IMPACT: There’s zero risk of child labor or corruption in our process, so you can shine with a clear conscience.

ECO-FRIENDLY - NO DIGGITY: We believe in diamonds grown by intelligent minds, not mines. Lab diamonds leave the earth untouched, unlike mining, which digs huge, damaging craters to extract diamonds.

FAST TRACK TO UPGRADE: We’ve cracked the code on accelerating nature’s million-year growing process into the blink of an eye. That means you can score a bigger cut under budget. Basically, we’ve got diamonds down to a science.

Will my lab grown diamond sparkle/bling like a mined diamond?

Absolutely! Depending on the grade, the lab grown diamond will sparkle identically to its mined counterpart. The two most important factors that will determine a diamond’s sparkle include the cut grade and the clarity grade. HauteCarat only sells the highest cut grades; for maximum sparkle, we recommend VS2 or higher.

Are lab grown diamonds flawless?

Just like mined diamonds, lab created diamonds will vary in color, clarity, and cut. Each one is truly unique. Lab created diamonds may contain minor internal or surface inclusions, comparable to high quality natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are evaluated and graded by independent gemological labs that certify natural diamonds, by using the same strict standards.

Do lab created diamonds get cloudy?

Due to their identical physical and chemical properties as naturally mined diamonds, lab created diamonds do not have a lower durability and will not get cloudy over time.

Will a lab diamond change color over time?

Occasionally, customers are told that a lab diamond may change in appearance over time. This is not true for lab-grown diamonds; especially one sold at HauteCarat. A HauteCarat lab-grown diamond will never get cloudy, fade in brilliance, or change color. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty on our lab diamonds to ensure this.

HauteCarat lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a mined diamond— thus, our diamonds will never change appearance.

Do lab-grown diamonds easily get damaged?

The simple answer is NO. Lab-grown diamonds have a 100% carbon composition just like mined diamonds, making them the strongest material on earth. A lab diamond could be damaged the exact same way that a mined diamond could be damaged under unusual circumstances: by cutting it against another diamond or smashing the stone with EXTREME force.

Can a gemologist tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds?

No, they cannot. Due to the fact that lab grown diamonds have the same properties, physically and chemically, as mined diamonds, a trained gemologist will only be able to identify a lab grown diamond as a real diamond. Without additional machinery or an accompanying certificate, there is no way to differentiate the two.